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“RADIANT DARKNESS” / Creative Director: Elena Machado

“Tired of living under the burden of self-imposed limitations, a young woman decides to surrender herself to ocean waters at dawn. This experience helps her re-emerge at sunrise with a renovated sense of freedom and personal power. This is the story of a woman who goes for a transformational dip in the sea.” EM.


To create an audiovisual piece from conception to delivery that combines digital photography, live footage, matte painting, compositing, VFX.

  • IT IS: an existential and motivational video
  • IT TELLS: the story of a re-encounter with one’s self.
  • IT WANTS: to send a positive message in times of economic and personal crisis, times of uncertainty and change
  • HOW?: it renews the obsolete, moves the stagnant, finds the lost, revivifies the dead
  • IT TARGETS: those who feel fragmented, who have forgotten themselves, who are tired of living in conflict and having hit rock bottom, are ready to start afresh.
  • IT ASKS:  are we ready to suspend judgement, let go of baggage, surpass fears and surrender to a new beginning?
  • IT INVITES: to enter unknown territory and explore beyond self-imposed limitations; to let go of drags, whims, tantrums, old habits, fears, guilt, resistance; to trust and have the courage to do what is necessary to rescue and empower our forgotten Self; to be kind to ourselves, to listen with the heart, to breathe fully and accept what IS.
  • IT REVEALS: the Big Deep and our Radiant Darkness, where something in us OPENS up and recognises itself, leaving space for a new found LIGHT and making us feel empowered, BIG – UNIVERSAL – ETERNAL
  • WORDS: accept, let go, flow // connect, touch, express, experience fully // surrender // revivify, rise, breathe
  • Writer & Director: Elena Machado
  • Producers: Antonio Machado, Chusy Hernández, Juan Manuel Pancorbo
  • Cast: Cristina Rios Bordón
  • Director of Photography: Elena Machado
  • 2nd underwater camera: Angel Fernando
  • Production assistant: padrón Jorge Noguerales
  • Editing, VFX & Compositing: Elena Machado
  • Editing Supervisor: Oscar Troitiño
  • VFX Advisor: Juan Manuel Pancorbo
  • I.T. Support: Roberto del Pino
  • Creative Advisors: Oscar Troitiño, Victor Parras, Enrique Díaz, Edu Gómez, Laura Machado, Eva Machado
  • Health & Safety: Juan José Castillo
  • Technical Facilities: The Big Picture
  • Music & Sound support: Laura Machado, Eva Machado

Main Theme: “i am (creation)” by Bernie Herms / Album:  music inspired by the story
Music Copyright: © All music rights reserved to the composer

Credits Theme: “House” by Adam Brainbridge from Kindness / Album: world, you need a change of mind
Music Copyright: © All music rights reserved to the artist

RADIANT DARKNESS / Copyright © ELENA MACHADO, 2012. www.elenamachado.com
Date: October 2012 Client: Personal Project Skills: VFX + Compositing


June 2023

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