Smoke & Mirrors. 

“As a result of being innately curious and finding it extremely hard to stay still, with time, I have learnt to identify the one word that feeds and underlies all my work: MOVEMENT.

Fortunately, this restlessness has taken me to discover many places, to work with many different people and explore multiple aspects of movie making, all the way from creation to execution and delivery.

It is no surprise that what started as a passion for photography soon became a thirst for seeing these images in motion flying across the screen. I owe much to Maurice Binder and Robert Brownjohn’s work for the James Bond title sequences: the early influences

Following this open and experimental approach, a diversity of techniques are combined to create content that is immersive, tangible, visual and emotional that share one main aim: to tickle thy brains and move thy heart. Enjoy!”. EM. 


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